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Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Through ERANET Joint Activities and Beyond

PRIMA Initiative

As an immediate follow-up to the informal Competitiveness Council of Nicosia in 2012, a group of Member States joined by Mediterranean Partnering Countries (MPC’s) launched an initiative, named Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA), aiming at establishing a long-term structured partnership in research and innovation in the Mediterranean area in line with the principles of co-ownership, mutual interest and shared benefits and building on the multiple bilateral and multilateral research and innovation activities in the region.

In the last two years, the PRIMA Core Group has worked intensively with a balanced leadership and participation of EU Member States and MPCs with a view to preparing the building blocks of a multi-year Research Initiative aimed at defining an integrated programme on food systems and water resources for the development of inclusive, sustainable and healthy Euro-Mediterranean societies.

The goal of the Initiative is “To develop innovative solutions and promote their adoption for improving the efficiency and sustainability of food productions and water provision, in order to support an inclusive well-being and socio-economic development in the Mediterranean Area, within the framework of a reinforced Euro-Mediterranean co-operation”.

To achieve such Goal, the PRIMA Initiative will address the following specific objectives.

  1. To enhance knowledge and unlock its innovation potential for food security and water availability through end user-friendly solutions in a context of ecological, demographic and climatic change
  2. To advance existing knowledge and innovations for water and food quality and safety.


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